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particularly for smaller-scale operations, need not be elaborate and expensive. The amount of equipment will depend on the slaughtering procedures employed. If possible, all equipment should be made of stainless steel or plastic, be rust resistant and easily cleaned and sanitized. Equipment which does not get in contact with the meat (e.g. overhead rails, working platforms, knocking pen) is usually made of galvanized steel.addling animals during transport and lair age

To avoid fighting, animals not reared together must not be mixed during transport and lair age. Load and unload using shallow stepped ramps to avoid stumbles. Trucks should be neither over- nor under loaded. Overloading causes stress and bruising due to crushing. Under loading results in animals being thrown around and falling more than necessary. Drivers should not corner at excessive speed and must accelerate and decelerate gently.

The lair age should have small pens. Corridors must curve and not bend sharply so that stock can see a way forward. Stock must not be slaughtered in sight of other stock. Plenty of clean water must be available. The lair age must be well lit and ventilated. Do not hold stock in lair age for more than a day. Only fit, healthy stock may be slaughtered for human consumption.


Animal Feed